Ruby Robinson, a recent graduate from Manchester, seeks to capture people and places with a sense of spontaneity and playfulness. Shooting with film, Ruby’s focus on hidden gems and flaws in recent project Nude clearly marks out where her interests lie. This project was exhibited at Brighton Photo Fringe as part of Strand collectives exhibition ‘Second Skin’ and will be again at HIP Photo festival in October this year. Her recent series Flush, shown at Pingyao Photo Festival in China, explores female adolescence and that uncertain chasm between childhood and adulthood. Ruby’s work has also been featured in The Lucky Jotter, Open Eye Photo Fayre, Format Magazine and Dazed Digital.

’Nude’ explores the hidden individual by looking at secret fashions and belongings. The way we present ourselves publicly reveals the projected side of our identity – the one we want everyone to see. But I am interested in uncovering the quirks of our inner selves, stripping back and revealing what is unseen to the outside world.