Hybrid-normalization is a project which explores and challenges the boundaries imposed by normative society; go to school, university, find a job, get married (to someone from the opposite sex), buy a house, raise children, retire and die.

I realised from an early age that although I had nothing against that lifestyle choice, it wasn’t a path for me. ‘Fitting in’ but not belonging made me question the many things imposed on us, not only as children but as adults as well.

Finding my ‘own kind’ was (and still is) a very interesting process. I ended up involved with the LGBTQ+ community, who embraced me and allowed me the time and space so I could express who I am, free of judgement.

Hybrid-normalization is a project showing the reality of people as individuals, people who are bankers during the day and drag queens at night, or people who don’t identify themselves as blue or pink, don’t stereotype love and don’t fit into boxes. I hope the project raises awareness about differing communities and end the discrimination that hybrid people still face in order to be accepted.

The series is officially one year in the making and was shot with various techniques as 35 and 120mm stills, 35mm analogue gifs, polaroids, digital and videos.

Marcela Ferri

Marcela Ferri (b.1981) is an Italo-Brazilian born photographer and director based in London since 2011.
She refers to her photographic practice as “An Essay about Freedom” and is interested in independence, true selves, identity and community.

Using a variety of techniques mixing 35 and 120mm stills, analogue gifs, polaroids, digital and video her work was exhibited at MOPLA, Les Recontres D’Arles, Photoeast UK and Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam and also publications like Fisheye le Mag, Harpers Bazaar, Milk.xyz, Lomography, TPM Brazil and Lost at E Minor.

Marcela was recently invited to join the #girlgaze network as a freelance photographer and holds a nomination as one of the 100 Heroines by the Royal Photographic Society.
She also runs The Film Gang, an online platform dedicated to film photography willing to create a network of film photographers across the globe.

Marcela also acts as a freelance producer in advertising working for clients like Adam&Eve DDB, AMV BBDO, Havas, Ogilvy, Lloyds Banking Group, Mercedes-Benz, Save the Children, The Royal Academy of Arts, Nike, Ford, The British Museum between many others.