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Sophie Ebrard

The featured photographer for February 2016 was Sophie Ebrard edited by James Gerrard-Jones, Partner at Wyatt-Clarke & Jones It's Just Love It’s a testament to Sophie’s craft that she can take a subject as visceral and divisive as the sex industry, a subject that has been visited by great photographers [...]

Sophie Ebrard2017-08-30T09:35:30+01:00

Alys Tomlinson

Ryan and Alfie: The Teenage Fishers from Alys Tomlinson. Daisy the Dancer from Alys Tomlinson. Grace: The Urban Horserider from Alys Tomlinson. The In-Between Years: Stories of London Teenagers This ongoing project began as part of my recently completed MA in Anthropology at SOAS, University of London. The first [...]

Alys Tomlinson2017-08-30T10:42:50+01:00

Sian Davey

Looking for Alice Alice is my daughter and I started to photograph her when she was a year old. Photographing her in the context of our family over the last three years has been and still is an extraordinary experience and one I feel deeply passionate about. Alice was [...]

Sian Davey2017-10-05T12:54:36+01:00

Sophie Green

Gypsy Gold "My fascination with the quirks and eccentricities of travellers was born after watching the Channel 4’s series, ‘My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’. I became captivated by the heritage and traditions behind their lives and I felt compelled to go and discover their unique culture for myself. The [...]

Sophie Green2017-10-05T12:48:49+01:00

Lua Ribeira

Firecracker is excited to announce that the fourth winner of the Firecracker Photographic Grant is Spanish photographer, Lua Ribeira. Ribeira wins for her exploration of dancehall culture. Noises in the Blood Noises in the Blood constitutes the celebration of a ritual, embracing conciously the exotic stereotype [...]

Lua Ribeira2017-10-05T13:13:36+01:00

Kirsty Mackay

My Favourite Colour Was Yellow ‘My Favourite Colour Was Yellow’ is documentary photo book recording ‘the age of pink’. Pink has become synonymous with femininity to the extent that it is easy to take it for granted, but It hasn't always been this way. In the 19th century boys [...]

Kirsty Mackay2017-10-05T14:50:08+01:00

Gemma Marmalade

Gemma Marmalade’s practice fundamentally describes the relationship between humanity and nature. Humour, pathos and contemporary sexual politics are interwoven to create photographs, films, installations and performances re-imagining historical gestures and appropriating visual material. The process of re-contextualisation creates surreal, complex narratives and visual metaphors. Appropriating imagery from the historical [...]

Gemma Marmalade2017-10-05T14:54:26+01:00

Rosie Barnes

“I want to help people to understand that autism is a different way of experiencing life and that being different is OK but being different is definitely not easy”. Understanding Stanley – Looking Through Autism is a unique and useful, beautiful and accessible photostory that communicates a powerful new [...]

Rosie Barnes2017-10-05T15:01:41+01:00
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