Love Story

Love Story focuses on Adama’s relationship with aspects of London and her admiration for the beautiful subtleties she comes across in Black communities. Mothers and their children in their best attires on a sunday, school children owning the streets after 3.30 on weekdays, teenagers running errands for their mums or someone simply having a moment to themselves. All of these moments are things she wants to glorify because of how closely linked and familiar they are. Being, Black, British, African and a Woman has all shaped the way Adama has documented overtime. Love Story has also been a way to identify and connect with what can mean ‘Home’ to herself and others, whether that’s through people, objects or spaces. The project is an ongoing series that started in 2015, with the aim of documenting and preserving moments of those around her for others to look back on.

Adama Jalloh

Adama Jalloh (b.1993) is a portrait and documentary photographer based in London. Her work revolves around race, identity and culture, cultivates a steady archive and ongoing conversation around the landscape of London and the transitions taking place within it, and aims to capture moments of intimacy, honesty and familiarity that resonate with both her own memories and experiences.